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Academic Tutoring

at Aledo Music Academy

Space is Limited! - Text us at (817)-765-6888

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for academic tutoring in Aledo TX

The Experience

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for academic tutoring in Aledo TX
Dyslexia Classes

At Parker County Scholars, we offer programs for students with dyslexia to help empower them to learn in their own unique ways. We use the Barton system which helps them move forward without missing anything. Give us a call or text to learn more about it! (682)-777-3982

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for academic tutoring in Aledo TX
Making Learning Fun

Because we offer private tutoring with experienced educators, they are used to keeping large classes engaged and entertained, so one on one is a breeze for them! They are able to develop a relationship and bond with their students that keeps them WANTING to continue learning!

Aledo Music Academy is the #1 choice for academic tutoring in Aledo TX
Private or Group Instruction

We offer 2 different programs. Private Tutoring is available year-round and on your schedule, month to month. Our Group programs are run on a semester basis for homeschool students and you can read about them hereYou can learn more about the differences between our group and private classes by giving us a text at (682)-777-3982 which is the dedicated tutoring line at the studio.

What Parents Have to Say

- Rey L.

Truly a family atmosphere. What I mean by this is they don’t treat you like a customer, but rather like we are all family. My daughter and I both take lessons here and we have learned so much in just the past month and a half, it’s unbelievable. My daughter, only 6 years old, can play a song on the ukulele already without even looking at her music sheet. The instructors are inspiring, uplifting, and at the same time challenging you to do better. I am glad we found this place!

- Meghan G.

My daughter confidence in her abilities have grown tremendously since starting her with [Parker County Scholars Tutoring]. I can’t say enough good things about Danielle. If you kid is struggling in any way don’t hesitate to bring her to Danielle. She has an enormous wealth of knowledge navigating the school system and intervention. Thank you Danielle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does tutoring work?

Typically, we'll start with a trial lesson, so you can see if this will be a good fit for your student. They are only $15 and we will call you to schedule a convenient time after receiving your trial lesson form. We'll get to know your student during the full 30-minute private session and then advise you as to the plan we feel will benefit your student the most!

Want to know more?

What is the cost of tutoring?

Private tutoring is priced at $37.50 per 30-minute session, with an average of 4 sessions per month or $150/mo for weekly, half-hour sessions. All of our private tutoring students are here month to month, unlike with other programs that commit you to a long-term contract. There is a one-time registration fee of $50 that also covers educational resources that your tutor will provide for your child as they progress.

How do I register for tutoring?

Registration is super fast and easy, and you can actually complete it right from your phone!

Because our programs and schedules are all personalized, we do need to speak with you to confirm your registration details and the timing of lessons. Please give us a call to register and we are happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Start the process now! Just text "I'm ready to get registered" to (682)-777-3982, call us, or e-mail

Academic Tutoring

at Aledo Music Academy

Space is Limited! - Call or text us at (817)-765-6888

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