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Summer Camp is Here!

Summer Camp at
Aledo Music Academy!
This year will be our biggest year of camps EVER! 1 Crowd favorite, and 3 BRAND NEW Sumer Camps. Text for info.

tons of Summer Camp options
(Ages 6-19)

Our summer camps are all about having fun while exploring music with a group of students who are EXCITED to learn, to play, and to grow as musicians by having new and unique experiences! Click on an image below to learn more!

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Uke Crazy Summer Camp

What is Uke Crazy Summer Camp?

This camp is full of summer FUN with creative camp games, pirate coins, and challenges that get kids immersed in music. This camp features our famous Uke Crazy Ukulele curriculum that is perfect for beginners as well as continuing music students. It is designed for students ages 6+ Last year we added art and it was a big hit, so we’ll be having even more art this year 🎨


This camp is suited best to students between ages 6-12 years of age and is a 4-day camp with 2 options in June and 2 in July!

If you want the best of Uke Crazy WITH our worship experience, we recommend "Worship 'n Uke" where students will learn popular worship tunes on the Ukulele along with great character building activities based on lessons from the Bible, and perfect for younger students ages 8-14!

Uke Crazy Summer Camp
  • Ages: 6 - 12 years

  • Perfect for beginners, or experienced Ukulele players!

  • Certified Teachers Present!

  • WE provide an instrument to use during camp!

  • Creative Camp Games and Music Challenges to earn prizes have kids excited and wanting to return for more! 

  • Students can participate in art projects!

2021 Uke Crazy Summer Camp at Weatherford Music Academy
What you get
  • At least 1 hour per day of Group Music class ($100 value)

  • Optional Take Home Art Projects ($60 Value)

  • Pirate Coins to Earn Prizes! ($20 Value)

  • 14 Hours of Camp fun! ($500 Value)

  • A New lifelong Skill & Confidence (Priceless)

  • Trademarked Uke Crazy Curriculum ($1000 value)

  • Active Games with New Friends (Priceless)

Total Value: $1580

Price - Only $245 - View Discounts Below

discounts & Offers

Uke Discounts

Multi-Student Discount

$40 off for 2 students!

$60 off for 3 students!

Multi-Camp Discount

$40 off!

Academy Member Discount

$35 discount!

Rock band camp

This camp will focus on giving kids an opportunity to try a ton of different instruments. Students will be able to choose to focus on guitar, piano, voice, or Ukulele. They may also have an opportunity to try drums and violin*, and to see some other cool instruments, too! We will have some of our private lesson teachers at the Academy come by each day to give kids the experience of music lessons, while enjoying super fun music activities and games. We’ll also have an art teacher during the week to coordinate a great take-home art project.

Most importantly, kiddos will be surrounded by students and parents who LOVE music!

*Teacher availability varies by camp week

Music & Art Summer Camp
Rock Band / Rock Band Jr.
  • Ages 8-13

  • Designed to encourage collaboration

  • A chance to "jam" with other musicians

  • Explore art with more depth

  • We have guitars, pianos, ukuleles, violins, and MORE available!

  • Experienced players also welcomed!

  • Designed with older kids in mind

  • Certified Teachers PLUS new private lesson teachers present daily from our staff!

2021 Music & Art Summer Camp at Weatherford Music Academy
2021 Music & Art Summer Camp at Weatherford Music Academy
What you get
  • 1 hour (minimum) of small group music instruction during camp on Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Voice, or Violin
    ‍($60 value)

  • 14 Hours of Camp fun with certified teachers! ($500 Value)

  • Small-Group learning and collaboration (Priceless)

  • Active Games with New Friends (Priceless)

  • *Optional opportunity to create take-home art projects ($60 Value)

  • Proprietary Camp Curriculum ($1000 value)​

Total Value: $1650

Price - only $269 -- View Discounts Below!

discounts & Offers


$40 off for 2 students!

$60 off for 3 students!

Multi-Camp or

Full Day

$40 off!

Academy Members

$35 discount!

Summer Camp Pricing

Pricing - One More Time!

2021 Uke Crazy Summer Camp at Weatherford Music Academy

Uke Crazy

Ages 6 - 12 only

Enrolling 2 or more kids? Check out our discounts!




2021 Music & Art Summer Camp at Weatherford Music Academy

Music & Art

Ages 8 - 13 only

Want multiple weeks? Check out our discounts!





Fun in the Sun for Everyone at Aledo music academy!

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Weatherford Music Academy is the #1 choice for music lessons in Weatherford, TX

Director, Co-founder

Weatherford Music Academy

Aledo Music Academy

Phoenix holds his degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the world’s leading school for contemporary music. This, along with real-world performance and teaching experience set the foundation for the focus of the Weatherford Music Academy -- a focus on letting students focus on the music they love, and educating parents on all of the different avenues available for performance, education, growth that is relevant to the world today.

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Danielle Rose

Director Co-Founder

Parker County Scholars

Weatherford Music Academy

Aledo Music Academy

Danielle earned her Master's degree, completed her 5th year of teaching professionally, and completed her Principal’s certification all by the age of 25.  In addition to this, she also helped found the Weatherford Music Academy, Parker County Scholars homeschool program, and Aledo Music Academy. She's been an educator for over 8 years and now helps manage the Academy's growth!

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